July 2, 2010

0 • Wilson Calls Adventists to 'Go Forward'
Greetings from Obama read at Sabbath worship.

2 • Church Manual Further Defines Marriage
Change adds "between one male and one female" to existing "heterosexual" definition.

3 • Delegate Urges More Young Representation
Appoint younger leaders in local regions first, chairman responds.

7 • Voices From the Dome
Commentary on the daily events at the GC session.

10 • Grace in the Sanctuary
Devotional: Pastor Johnny Kan speaks on Christ's Sanctuary ministry.

12 • South Pacific: Innovative Mission
Division Report: President Barry Oliver presents a report of the Adventist Church work in the South Pacific Division.

18 • Living by Grace Gives Hope and Assurance
Devotional: Pastor D. Paul Fredrick reminds us that Christian can have the assurance of salvation through God's grace.

20 • Pressing Against Difficult Currents
Division Report: President John Rathinaraj reports on the Adventist Church's work in the Southern Asia Division.

34 • Atlanta Reports
Reports from the GC officers and 13 world divisions of the Adventist Church.

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