January 13, 2011

6 • I Underestimated His Power!
Editorial: E. Edward Zinke on underestimating the power of the God's word.

7 • Practicing Versus PreachingMembers-only Article
Editorial: Wilona Karimabadi and taking theory and making it real.

13 • Give and TakeMembers-only Article
Give and Take: An Adventist Review tradition.

14 • Winds of Renewal, Flames of Reformation
Back to Basics: Hyveth Williams own how your personal revival and reformation can make a difference for Jesus.

16 • I Just Wanted to Volunteer
Cover Feature: Dixil Rodriguez reflects on serving as a hospital chaplain who encounters heartbreak and triumph.

20 • “We're All One Army”
Interview: Bill Knott talks to GYC president Justin McNeilus.

23 • Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.
Devotional: David Asscherick on how we must run the good race.

26 • He Called, God Answered Members-only Article
Story: How God sought out Matthew Gamble in unlikely ways and claimed him.

27 • It's Your CallMembers-only Article
Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips on accepting calls.

28 • An AppealMembers-only Article
Spirit of Prophecy: Ellen White on lessons we can learn from Cornelius.

31 • Bucking the Trend
Reflections: Amy Lee Sheppard on bucking resolution trends.

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