June 9, 2011

6 • What's in a Name?
Editorial: Bill Knott talks about our name and the way we say it.

7 • Someone Always KnowsMembers-only Article
Editorial: Wilona Karimabadi talks about trusting in God to make all things clear in His time.

13 • Give & TakeMembers-only Article
Give & Take: An Adventist Review family album.

14 • The Prodigal Son in the House
Heart and Soul Devotional: Kyung Ho Song talks about living as a servant rather than a son.

16 • Into the Highest Heaven
Cover Feature: Clifford Goldstein talks about the continuing humanity of Jesus.

20 • Stones of Meaning--Why History Matters
Heart and Soul Theology: David Trim on the importance of remembering our sacred history.

23 • The Road Not TakenMembers-only Article
Searching the Obvious: Dixil Rodriguez shares lessons from her classroom.

24 • Passing It OnMembers-only Article
Adventist Life: Kathryn Lay on what she learned from bearing the burdens of another.

27 • From a Haircut to a Funeral
Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney talks about God's ability to take any situation and work it for His purpose.

28 • A Life Well Lived Members-only Article
Story: Eva Holdridge remembers her dad's far-reaching influence.

30 • Etc.Members-only Article
Etc. At Rest and Bookmark

31 • What's In Your Hand?Members-only Article
Reflections: Alice M. Ray talks about the gifts we have to share with others.

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