June 23, 2011

6 • Babel Building
Editorial: Lael Caesar talks about the kind of deliverance we need from the things that tend to lead us astray.

7 • Live Up to the BillingMembers-only Article
Editorial: Kimberly Luste Maran reminds us that we need to treat those entering our churches with a special kindness.

14 • Prove Yourself!Members-only Article
Heart and Soul Theology: Bonita Joyner Shields talks about unmasking Satan's attempts to steal our identity.

17 • The S Factor
Transformation Tips: Delbert Baker reminds us about Satan's practice of trying to derail us at every turn.

18 • Reaching the Summit
Cover Feature: David Asscherick wants us to think about whether the Beatitudes are a progression or not.

22 • Sleep Apnea RevisitedMembers-only Article
Ask the Doctors: Drs. Handysides and Landless share current information on relevant health topics.

24 • Adventist Theology Comes of Age
Adventist Heritage: Michael Campbell takes us back to an important event in our collective history.

26 • Life InterruptedMembers-only Article
Story: Peter Landless relates the story of how a series of official correspondence shaped a life and a career.

29 • E-mail to an UnbelieverMembers-only Article
Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney's e-mail to a colleague has a message for all of us.

30 • At RestMembers-only Article
Etc.--At Rest: We remember those who sleep awaiting the resurrection.

31 • Our High CallingMembers-only Article
Reflections: Kioko Joshua reminds us of the importance of urgency.

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