July 21, 2011

6 • Stress and Civility
Editorial: Sandra Blackmer offers us a solution to slow down.

7 • To God's Unsung Heroes Members-only Article
Editorial: What does one girl's witness say to us today? Mark A Finley explains.

13 • Give & TakeMembers-only Article
Give & Take is an Adventist Review favorite.

14 • Going Wrong With Confidence
Cover Feature: Bert Williams reflects on a time in American history that we can still glean spiritual lessons from.

18 • Slavery and the War: Both North and South are to Blame
Spirit of Prophecy: Ellen G. White had something to say about the crime of slavery.

20 • With Malice Toward NoneMembers-only Article
An excerpt from the Abraham Lincoln's famous speech.

21 • Law and Freedom Members-only Article
Cliff's Edge: Does freedom come with responsibilities? Clifford Goldstein explains.

23 • "My Father is Working Until Now"Members-only Article
Heart and Soul Biblical Studies: Sigve Tonstad expands on the meaning of the Sabbath in the gospel of John.

27 • It's True: Your Behavior Affects Your Genes
The Life of Faith: Andy Nash talks about choices.

28 • Images of PeaceMembers-only Article
Feature: Michelle Current shares the Union College sculpture garden dedicated to peace and peacemaking.

30 • etc. At RestMembers-only Article
Etc. Remembering those who sleep in Jesus.

31 • "As You Love Yourself"Members-only Article
Reflections: Addison Hudgins writes about the Christian value of recognizing our self worth.

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