October 27, 2011

4 • In This Issue . . . Members-only Article
Introduction: In this special issue of the Adventist Review, we present articles that will inspire readers to develop a balanced, informed approach to the use of technology.

6 • Electronic Awesome
Editorial: Lael Caesar looks at electronic advancements in light of of our relationship with God.

11 • Give & TakeMembers-only Article
Give & Take is an Adventist Review favorite.

12 • Family TiesMembers-only Article
Heart and Soul Devotional: Gerald Klingbeil on finding God's ideal in scripture.

14 • More Than Words
Values: Linda Mei Lin Koh writes about the importance of better ways to communicate family values.

17 • Let's Move, KidsMembers-only Article
Education: Jim Ingersoll on the role of Adventist education in keeping kids physically fit.

18 • Eat Together, Live Well TogetherMembers-only Article
Feature: Can sharing meals really make a big difference?

22 • Pray SmartMembers-only Article
Story: Lee Schappell poses an interesting question. God answers prayer. But why settle for less?

24 • Talking About Social Media
Social Media: Jean Boonstra wonders about what parents need to do to guide their kids through the maze of modern social media.

26 • Put Down the Remote, and Nobody Gets Hurt
Media and Obesity: What about the link between media and obesity?

28 • Twenty-first Century Sleep DeprivationMembers-only Article
Media and Sleep: Could our frenetic lifestyles be robbing us of a huge necessity--a good night's sleep?

31 • Will High Tech Be Your Spiritual Downfall?Members-only Article
Reflections: Mark A. Kellner reminds us of the good and bad in technology.

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