December 8, 2011

6 • If the Creation Account Isn't True...
Editorials: Mark A. Kellner is not ashamed to believe what God says. End of story.

7 • Our Amazing, Unpredictable GodMembers-only Article
Editorial: Stephen Chavez knows how impossible it is to lock God's grace in a predictable box.

13 • Give & TakeMembers-only Article
Give & Take: Snapshots from an Adventist family album.

14 • Pencil PowerMembers-only Article
Adventist Life: Sandra Blackmer updates us on a project that means a lot to her--India's literacy program.

18 • Her Music Continues
Cover Feature: Jennifer Mae Barizo remembers a legend.

22 • Knowing Versus LearningMembers-only Article
Heart and Soul Theology: Gerald Colvin helps us learn from nature.

25 • Feeling Convicted
Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips does not believe that true conviction materializes out of thin air.

26 • What the Prodigal Did Right!
Devotional: Beatrice Neall on lessons in the experience of repentance.

29 • Missing PersonMembers-only Article
Searching the Obvious: Dixil Rodriguez on what happens when the lost get found.

30 • An Ever-Present HelpMembers-only Article
Reflections: Dick Rentfro reminds that we are never, ever alone.

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