April 12, 2012

6 • With the Grown-ups Now
Editorial: Wilona Karimabadi adjusts to new Sabbath school and learns something along the way.

7 • The Peril of Being GlibMembers-only Article
Editorial: Stephen Chavez reminds us of the importance of thinking before speaking.

13 • Give & TakeMembers-only Article
Give & Take: Snapshots from an Adventist family album.

14 • The Colors of EdenMembers-only Article
Poem: Chantal Klingbeil reminds of the colors Eden as they were, and as we will see them soon.

15 • Selling the Sabbath Short
Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips wants us to really get behind the blessing of Sabbath. If we don't, how will others understand?

16 • Miracle Greenhouse
Cover: Sandra Blackmer tells the story of the miracles at Sunnydale Academy.

20 • Faith is a Place
Theology: Harold McGregor asserts that faith is seeing reality from God's perspective.

23 • Standing Room OnlyMembers-only Article
Searching the Obvious: Dixil Rodriguez reminds us to mark the momenths when God makes our cups run over with unexpected blessing.

24 • Waiting by the Pool of Bethesda
Adventist Life: Edlyn Aldridge says sometimes there's nowhere else to go in search of healing.

27 • GLOW StoriesMembers-only Article
GLOW Stories: An outreach initiative in multiple North American Division conferences.

28 • Resurrected HopeMembers-only Article
Story: Danny Chandler's story of Christianity's antidote to death's finality.

30 • Church TrendsMembers-only Article
etc.--Church Trends: The latest in resources and current information from Monte Sahlin.

31 • Selfless ServiceMembers-only Article
Reflections: Carissa McSherry on learning what it means to really live a life of selfless service.

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