May 10, 2012

6 • The Arched Eyebrow
Editorial: "Scorn is the weapon we pick up when persuasion fails to persuade," says Bill Knott.

7 • Girls Can Only Marry Boys, Right?Members-only Article
Editorial: Kimberly Luste Maran doesn't provide the answer, but she does give us something to think about.

13 • Give & TakeMembers-only Article
Give & Take: Snapshots from an Adventist family album.

14 • Ministry TransformedMembers-only Article
Introducing the Why: According to Jimmy Phillips, ministry becomes transformative when the relationship with Christ takes over.

15 • Women and Their Words
Cover Feature: Gina Wahlen introduces us to the women who changed a few things in this magazine's history.

20 • In the WildernessMembers-only Article
Biblical Studies: Gerald Klingbeil on tassels, wanderings, and the promised land.

23 • Liver HealthMembers-only Article
Ask the Doctors: The latest information from the doctors.

24 • The Jesus-centered Life
Heart and Soul Theology: S. Joseph Kidder on searching for the dream church.

27 • Timing is Everything
Searching the Obvious: Dixil Rodiguez reminds us that God's time is always perfect.

28 • "Oh, Mom..."Members-only Article
Story: Deanna Strand's tale of a nosy mother whose heart was in the right place.

30 • Tools of the TradeMembers-only Article
Tools of the Trade: The latest in church resources from Monte Sahlin.

31 • The Reset ButtonMembers-only Article
Reflections: God's grace is the thing that changes all, says Kristin Smith.

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