May 24, 2012

5 • The Warming Light
Introduction: Bill Knott introduces us to this special issue and wishes readers well as they explore it.

6 • Summer Camp: Where God Spends His Summers
Summer Meetings: If you never went to summer camp, you may have missed out, believes William Wood.

12 • Under the Big Top
Summer Meetings: Celeste Perrino Walker reflects on the cool things about going to camp meeting, and invites you to come along.

16 • Super-Special Summer Vacation SabbathsMembers-only Article
Summer Travels: Wilona Karimabadi offers you suggestions for taking a summer vacation Sabbath and making it really great.

20 • Taking a Vacation?
Summer Travels: Sandra Blackmer tells us about some unique spots in Adventist history, and why you should visit them.

25 • Glow WormsMembers-only Article
Spreading the Glow: Gina Wahlen has a practical activity to spread the word.

26 • Smart TripsMembers-only Article
Summer Travels: The doctors tell you how to stay healthy and make the most of your vacation.

28 • Good BooksMembers-only Article
Summer Diversions: Mark Kellner has a few great suggestions for good summer reading.

32 • FirestormMembers-only Article
Summer Diversions: Margaret Butler talks about a moment of inspiration in the midst of disaster.

34 • First-Time MissionariesMembers-only Article
Summer Diversions: Jean-Luc Lezeau tells a story of his first time abroad for the Lord.

38 • An Audience of OneMembers-only Article
Summer Diversions: "It matters only that we're faithful," says Loren Dickinson.

40 • Vacation Bible SchoolMembers-only Article
Summer Outreach: Kimberly Luste Maran reminds us of the special times to be found at VBS.

44 • On Vacation with God
Summer Outreach: Vacations can offer us blessings and challenges, according to Gerald A. Klingbeil.

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