June 14, 2012

6 • The Problem With Nostalgia
Editorial: Bill Knott recently visited an Adventist Heritage site and drew some interesting conclusions from his time there.

7 • Making the Eternal DifferenceMembers-only Article
Editorial: Carlos Medley takes a look at what we can do to enrich the lives of young people on college campuses.

13 • Give & TakeMembers-only Article
Give & Take: Snapshots from an Adventist family album.

14 • Prisoner of GraceMembers-only Article
Story: Leo Van Dolson on the incredible story of someone who had no where to run.

17 • One-track Mind
Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips on focusing your mind on the best things.

18 • Shut In and Left Out
Cover Story: Kimberly Luste Maran explores the issue of homebound members who feel neglected and what the church can do to help.

22 • A Tale of Migrations
Biblical Studies: Ronald Nalin tells us what happens when we move in God's rhythm.

25 • Just Trying to Get HomeMembers-only Article
Searching the Obvious: Dixil Rodriguez's tale of an experience that really hit home.

26 • The "Very Best" for our ChildrenMembers-only Article
Adventist Life: Do we really know what's best for our kids? Ray Carson wants to know.

29 • Speaking the Truth in LoveMembers-only Article
As I See It: We want to speak the truth tempered with love, but it's not always easy. Ron Kelly explores that idea.

30 • Church TrendsMembers-only Article
etc. Church Trends: The latest in resources and information from Monte Sahlin.

31 • For Thou Art With MeMembers-only Article
Reflections: Linda Chalmers reminds us of the comfort and care of our Shepherd.

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