July 19, 2012

6 • Carpe Diem Unplugged
Editorial: Gerald Klingbeil shares reader responses to his March 22, 2012, editorial "Carpe Diem."

7 • Speech Is Not FreeMembers-only Article
Editorial: Gina Wahlen on the one guide that shapes our thinking in a world when free speech can be a loaded term.

13 • Give & TakeMembers-only Article
Give & Take: An Adventist Review family album.

14 • The Fear of GodMembers-only Article
Devotional: Vanessa Sanders asks, " Do we live as though it is God who gave us life and breath and an just as easily take it away?

16 • To Beast or Not to Beast
Cover Story: In teaching about prophecy, are Adventist presenting Jesus clearly, Shane Anderson asks.

21 • Mistaking a Part for the WholeMembers-only Article
Cliff's Edge: Cliff Goldstein on distorting a complete picture.

22 • God as the AudienceMembers-only Article
Biblical Studies: Abner Perales on giving our utmost for His highest.

25 • The Intentional Use of Influence
The Leadership Connection: In this new Adventist Review column Dr. Leslie N. Pollard shares his perspective on Christian leadership.

26 • In Christ
Adventist Life: Wayne Blakey reminds us that what matters most is what Christ is doing for us now.

29 • The Missing Story in "Seventh-Gay Adventists"
The Life of Faith: AR coliumnist Andy Nash shares his reflections on a new documentary film.

31 • City SabbathMembers-only Article
Reflections: Harold Baptiste shares an original composition from his heart.

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