September 27, 2012

2 • Introduction
Introduction: World church president Ted Wilson welcomes readers to this special edition of the Adventist Review.

3 • First Sabbath: Revival and the Word
First Sabbath: "We want to know Jesus better so we can share Him more," says Ted Wilson.

6 • Sunday: Making God's Word Our Own
Sunday: Angel Manuel Rodriguez's thoughts on how God's power can transform our personal lives.

8 • Monday: Heart and Soil
Monday: Bonita Joyner Shields on the soil of our souls and how ready it is for growing.

10 • Tuesday: Revived--and Ready to Cross
Tuesday: The point of destination is the promised land.

12 • Wednesday: A Call to Leadership
Wednesday: Jerry Page on hearing God's call and responding to it.

16 • Thursday: The Richness of the Word
Thursday: "God is willing to revive us, change us, and enrich our lives," according to Ekkehardt Mueller.

18 • Friday: Singing the Scriptures
Friday: "Jesus used scripture songs as a means of hiding God's word in His heart," says Derek J. Morris.

20 • Second Sabbath: Revival and Mission
Second Sabbath: Ellen White asserts: "Let your light shine, and others will be kindled."

23 • Children's Readings
Children's Readings: Anne-May Wollan's special readings for the younger set.

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