November 22, 2012

6 • Objective or Neutral
Editorial: "Neutrality is not the same as objectivity," according to Lael Caesar.

7 • Olympic-level ParentsMembers-only Article
Editorial: Whatever it takes--that should be our motto in raising our children, says Wilona Karimabadi.

13 • Give & TakeMembers-only Article
Give & Take: Snapshots from an Adventist family album.

14 • In His TimeMembers-only Article
Devotional: Luis Beltre says getting beautiful takes pressure.

17 • The Twilight Test: A Spiritual Breakthrough StrategyMembers-only Article
Transformation Tips: How do we turn the bad into good? Delbert Baker offers his thoughts.

18 • Caught in the Act
Cover Feature: A glimpse of a global family.

23 • In All Things...Members-only Article
Poem: Loren Seibold shares a poem of thankfulness.

24 • Characters That Mean It
Biblical Studies: "In practice," according to Marcos Paseggi, "our actions and motives are not always so clear-cut.

28 • The Best Way to Die
Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney wanted his plane to crash. Why?

29 • PsoriasisMembers-only Article
Ask the Doctors: The latest information from the doctors we trust.

31 • The Attitude of GratitudeMembers-only Article
Reflections: Sheryl Mostert Young reminds us of the importance of being grateful for the little things.

34 • A Holiday Wake-up Call
As the masses shop for holiday deals, our AR columnist asks, "What happened to the simplicity of Christmas?".

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