December 27, 2012

6 • All is Well
Editorial: Gerald Klingbeil's reminder that things aren't so bad.

7 • True Greatness
Editorial: Mark Finley points us to the hallmarks of true greatness.

13 • Give & Take
Give & Take: An Adventist Review family favorite!

14 • Regrets
Story: Deborah Holloway on doing it right the first time.

16 • Weighing In on a Way Out
Ask the Doctors: A reader's grandson is struggling with weight issues. What advice do the doctors have?

17 • Dokimazo 2012
Transformation Tips: Delbert Baker explains what dokimazo is and what that means to our lives.

18 • And a Happy New There
Cover Feature: "There's more than a new year coming," says Lael Caesar.

22 • The Controversy Ended
Spirit of Prophecy: Ellen White reminds us of the joy that lies ahead for all who believe.

24 • Dear 
Reader. . .
Feature: AR editors share meaningful moments from 2012.

28 • Reality Check From a 2-Year-Old
Dateline Moscow: Andrew McChesney's lesson from a toddler has something all of us can benefit from.

29 • Bookmark
etc. Bookmark--A review of Hollywood producer Devon Franklin's book.

30 • Etc. -- At Rest
At Rest: Honor departed Adventist workers.

31 • Watching and Waiting
Reflections: Miriam Taylor's account of watching for something in not quite the right way, thus almost missing it.

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