February 21, 2013

6 • Back to the Future
Editorial: "How can 17 million Adventists make a difference in a world of 7 billion?" asks Gerald Klingbeil.

7 • Living ExamplesMembers-only Article
Editorial: Carlos Medley reminds us that God wants us to mirror His character.

13 • Give & TakeMembers-only Article
Give & Take: An Adventist Review family favorite.

14 • Feel the Power
Devotional: Homer Trecartin compares Peter at Pentecost and Saul at Ramah.

16 • Carlton Byrd Takes New York by Storm
Cover Story: Celeste Ryan Blyden takes a look at the powerful ministry of Carlton Byrd.

21 • A Self-refuting PhraseMembers-only Article
Cliff's Edge: Cliff Goldstein wonders about where people who refute faith, put their trust?

22 • iDolsMembers-only Article
As I See It: Vincent Macisaac on smartphones, smart apps, and smart spirituality.

24 • At the WellMembers-only Article
Heart and Soul Biblical Studies: Are you thirsty? Galina Stele looks at the source that can quench our thirst.

27 • A Partnership With Jesus
Back to Basics: Hyveth Williams says the time has come for Christians to change the world.

28 • The Eternal ChapterMembers-only Article
Adventist Life: Lilian Han Im's personal story of trying to find peace amid heartbreaking tragedy.

30 • Further TestingMembers-only Article
The Life of Faith: Andy Nash is reminding of the strength we find in Christ in tough times.

31 • Let It Rain!Members-only Article
Reflections: In the rainy moments, Thandi Klingbeil reminds us to look up and let it refresh us.

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