August 8, 2013

6 • Pass This Along
Editorial--Bill Knott takes a look at what's really "new" in the church.

7 • What's In It for Me?
Editorial: What would ASI do for you? Frank Fournier has an answer or two.

13 • Give & Take
Give & Take: An Adventist Review family favorite.

14 • Wildwood Builds New Medical Team
ASI Feature: ASI staff members report on great things happening at Wildwood.

16 • It's Personal: ASI Reaches Around the Globe
ASI Cover Feature: Conna Bond shares inspiring stories of ASI members around the world.

20 • It's Personal: They Found a Life Calling in Zambia
ASI Feature: All about the one-day church project.

22 • Serving in the Amazon: "It's So Worth It"
ASI Feature: Serving the Lord through a unique ministry.

23 • On Bended Knee
Journeys with Jesus: Jill Morikone reminds us of what happens as long as our hearts are willing.

24 • Redeeming the Blind
Devotional: "Jesus wasn't the author of man's blindness, but He did authorize his salvation," says Justin McNeilus.

27 • The Gap
Cliff's Edge: Cliff Goldstein examines the great divide between our dreams and ambitions and the realities we are dealt.

29 • By Exercise They Will Grow
Spirit of Prophecy: Ellen White on God-given talents--and those who have them--and our need for further development.

31 • The God Who Hears
Reflections: Gerald Klingbeil reminds us of who God is to each of us.

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