October 10, 2013

6 • Citizenship Test
Editorial: Bill Knott on why we need to declare ourselves members of the peaceable kingdom.

7 • Mission Without a MessageMembers-only Article
Editorial: E. Edward Zinke reminds us of the importance of a true connection with God.

13 • Give & TakeMembers-only Article
Give & Take: An Adventist family favorite.

15 • The Truth Behind the LieMembers-only Article
Cliff's Edge: Cliff Goldstein takes a look at lies and truth and the spaces in between.

16 • What Happened in 1888?
Heart and Soul Theology: George Knight's historical account of a very historic event.

20 • E.J. Waggoner: The Man and His Legacy
1888 Bio: Woodrow Whidden examines the life of E. J. Waggoner.

21 • A.T. Jones
Cover Feature 1888: Merlin Burt on the life of A.T. Jones.

23 • Allure of the ChurchMembers-only Article
Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips experience on a cruise ship had greater lessons for his spiritual life.

24 • The Faith of Jesus
Heart and Soul Theology: Merlin Burt examines the doctrinal legacy of 1888,

28 • The Theological Issues: Another Perspective
Heart and Soul Theology: Bill and Shawn Brace on Jones' and Waggoner's "most precious message."

32 • Bird 9-1-1Members-only Article
Story: Lee Schappell story of a creature's will to survive.

34 • Ellen White's Burden
Heart and Soul Theology: Denis Fortin on what is most crucial to our church's mission

38 • Sabbath Afternoon Talk
1888 Spirit of Prophecy: Ellen G. White writes on confession and God's grace.

41 • Hope and PeaceMembers-only Article
Searching for Answers: Dixil Rodríguez shares lessons she learned while delivering God's flowers.

42 • Theology of the Last Generation
1888 Snapshot: Why hasn't Christ returned yet? Ask Angel Rodríguez

43 • The Nature of Christ
1888 Snapshot: Alberto Timm shares a quick look at Christology in the Adventist church.

44 • Universal Legal Justification
1888 Snapshot: Do Seventh-day Adventists have difficulties with Universal Legal Justification? Ask Stephen Bauer.

46 • The Prevailing Interest
1888 Testimony: Studying the "1888 message" was a life-changing experience for me, says Kelly Veilleux.

47 • The Genius of Disunity
Reflections: Lael Caesar shares a commentary on the destructive power of disunity

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